Restaurant service quality is as important to a business as the taste of the food coming from the kitchen.

1. To uphold the highest professional standards and continue to improve them to ensure efficiency and consistency

2. To build a lasting, life-long relationship with our clients based on respect, service, flavour, value and pleasure

3. To contribute positively to economic growth by creating job opportunities and by supporting educational, social and environmental activities

4. To provide the best quality while adhering to the highest food safety standards

Quality, Service, Cleanliness, Value

1. Operations Excellence:

We embrace our core pillars for our customers, while developing our people and seeking continuous improvement through observation.

2. Leadership:

We inspire our people to drive the "customer business" forward, through initiating change, building teamwork and honoring our obligations.

3. Commitment:

We persistently strive to achieve our goals and fulfill our customers' expectations while above all, adhering to our principles

4. Accountability:

We take 100% responsibility for action and outcome and deliver what we promised with 0 excuses. We deliver 100/0

5. Growth:

We pursue the development of our people and seize all opportunities that lead us to grow substantially in market share and profitability.

6. Integrity:

We serve our people and customers under the guidance of strong moral beliefs that set boundaries for our actions.